The GeekVape Aegis mini Mod is rated at 80Watts and is a smaller version of the origional.  The Aegis mods are built to be shock resistant, water resistant and dust resistant.  It has a built in 2200mah battery for those who prefer a compact lightweight device.   

GeekVape Aegis Mini

Aegis color
  • The Aegis legend is a stylish box mod designed to be water and shock resistant, the beast is now back and compatible with dual 18650 batteries powered by the new AS chipset that releases up to 200W output. This is a second to none choice for those who are looking for a durable box mod with extreme power and portability.  The mod uses up to six different materials to achieve style and extreme durability.  Shock resistant, no need to worry about breaking by accident!Warning: While the Aegis legend mod is even more durable than the first version on the mod itself, please DO NOT drop it above 1 meter when equipped with batteries, otherwise it may damage the batteries internally or compromise its waterproof capability.  The mod uses high grade silicon,leather and alloy for extreme durability.